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Bathroom lights, bathroom illumination - Briloner

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Description of the category

Bathroom - lighting, mirrors, accessories

In the area of bathroom lighting/illumination, we have prepared various categories for you, which cover everything essential as far as the world of lights is concerned for this room in your home.

Settled and luxurious designs for you

We start with traditional ceiling lights, which are dominated by the Brilagi brand and their LED ceiling lights, but also several others that illuminate your whole bathroom. Another little bit different type of bathroom ceiling lighting we offer to you are suspended ceiling lights.

If you want to enjoy a long bath or a long shower in the bathroom, we recommend lights with less light, such as wall lights, which, compared to ceiling lights, only illuminate a part of the wall. and have a minor impact on the entire bathroom space, creating a pleasant atmosphere for your well-deserved relaxation.

Bright your day with proper mirror lighting

The bath is followed by skincare, shaving, hair styling, and that's what you need a proper bathroom mirror for. Our offer provides a variety of bathroom mirror ideas (frameless mirrors) to choose from, some of which have a built-in light in the mirror itself (vanity mirror with lights) but we have your back if you want just a mirror and light separately. We have a special category for lights above the mirror where are just lights by themselves.

That's not all, we also provide a wide range of bathroom accessories such as various small cosmetic mirrors, light decorations, touchless soap dispensers and many more.
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