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Immax Neo Fino New


Le luci smart di design NEO aggiungeranno giocosità e funzionalità

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Immax NEO Smart outdoor solar camera

Cameras and security

An uninvited guest will never surprise you

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Immax NEO Smart Thermostatic head


Turn on the heating whenever you need it

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Immax NEO Lite smart socket

Sockets and switches

Control the appliances and monitor their consumption on your phone

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Immax NEO Lite smart socket


Gadgets for smart household

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Smart household Immax NEO

How to imagine a smart household? An advanced system of interconnected devices that you can control from anywhere in the world. That is Immax NEO.

We have created a wide portfolio of smart products for you. From design lights to security elements and multifunctional sensors. Discover their endless possibilities and special compatibility. Have full control over your home. Thanks to the Immax NEO PRO app, you have the comfort of controlling your home. You can control the devices from anywhere you need regardless of where you are.

Advantages of the Immax system

Reliable developer platform TUYA

Wireless communication technology Zigbee 3.0

Communication via the Wi-Fi network will ensure compatibility with the Immax NEO products and other products on the Tuya platform.

You can download the Immax NEO PRO app in English and other languages

Wireless Bluetooth communication

Control of lighting thanks to the Tuya Beacon (Bluetooth)

Communication standard of smart households, that supports various platforms communicating via various protocols

Complete Immax compatibility

It is built on the Tuya platform, which communicates on the protocols Zigbee 3.0, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Beacon. Thanks to those protocols, some products can also be used in the IKEA, Samsung SmartThings, and Philips Hue systems. It also supports voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri shortcuts, and Google Assistant.

Immax Neo Apple Siri

Apple Siri

Immax Neo Google Assistant

Google Assistant

Immax Neo Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa

Immax Neo chytré hodinky

Smart Watch

Discover freedom with the app Immax NEO PRO

The new generation mobile app ensures control. The Immax NEO PRO works on the global Tuya platform that can integrate all devices into one controllable whole. In addition to the Immax NEO lighting, you can control smart household products such as alarms, cameras, safety sensors, heating, etc.

Enjoy your smart household to the fullest even if you are tens of kilometers away from your home. Control lights, heating, and blinds, unlock the door for visitors, or watch security camera footage.

The entire app is in English and can be downloaded in 60 other languages.

Simply, online, from anywhere

Immax Neo osvětlení Lighting
Immax Neo zabezpečení Security
Immax Neo vytápění Heating
Immax Neo ovládací prvky Control elements
Immax Neo elektronika Electronics
Immax Neo zabezpečení Small appliances
Immax Neo App

Start discovering Immax NEO

Immax Neo Lite Tudo

Immax Neo Lite Tudo ceiling lighting

Immax NEO Smart outdoor solar camera

Immax NEO Smart outdoor solar camera

Immax NEO Smart Thermostatic head

Immax NEO Smart Thermostatic head


Immax NEO

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Description of the category

Immax Neo - Tuya smart lighting

Smart lamps are becoming more and more popular as more devices are being expanded into the group of smart home accessories. Nowadays many things can be controlled just with a remote controller, smartphone or by some smart assistant (with your voice). Lighting is not different.

Imax Neo smart light bulbs provide simple and elegant light, that plays incredibly with any modern interior design. The smart light switch in the form of remote control Zigbee 3.0 gives a user option to change the color temperature and dimming the light. There is an option to download Immax Neo smart bridge that will let you control lights and other Immax Neo smart accessories as well. Smart bulbs can be controlled without a smart bridge just by using a remote control – only for the basic functions.

Shop for smart LED lighting as this is an energy-efficient option. smart LED bulbs are mercury-free, it´s a step towards a better environment. Immax Neo operates at the global platform Tuya. Through this platform, you can control your alarms, cameras, security sensors and others. You can take a look at our complete offer of smart lighting.
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