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Smart light bulbs

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Philip Hues and other smart light bulbs to look out for

Smart light stands for remote control lighting in many different aspects. Whether it is to change the intensity of light, to change the color of the smart bulb, program it up to different users' preferences or to schedule it by a certain schedule, and many more.

Some customers have mentioned as an advantage of smart light the fact, that it can work perfectly for pets as well. If your pet is scared of the dark and you are on a night out, you can just simply turn on/off the light with your phone and give your pet exactly what he needs from everywhere.

LED smart light can be controlled with the use of remote control or with your mobile or tablet through different applications. Worth mentioning is Tuya Smart (for our bestseller product LED Dimmable bulb VINTAGE A60), Ledvance Smart + (for our bestseller product LED RGBW Dimmable bulbs), or ZigBee for Philip Hue light.

Philips Hue smart lighting

Philips hue lights give off an extremely smooth light with top quality. You can choose either relaxed lighting or focus lighting. You can set your wake-up light. They come in cool and warm colors. Philips hues bulbs can be controlled via Bluetooth as well or with the use of the Hue Bridge device (up to 50 different products). They can be controlled via your voice when connected to Amazon Echo or Google Home device.

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