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Detectors and alarms

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Detectors for smoke, carbon monoxide and gas leaks

The smoke detector is a device, that main purpose is to notify people about smoke, possible fire.

While household smoke detectors notify throughout audible or visual alarm, commercial smoke detector send the signal to fire alarm control panel included in central fire alarm system of the company. Smoke detectors are mostly in a disk shape and they are detecting the presence of smoke throughout the physical or optical process. Domestic smoke detectors have interlinked units with battery backup. This way they will stay active throughout the power blackout. 

Carbon monoxide detector 

carbon monoxide detector is a device, that main purpose is to notify about the presence of carbon monoxide gas (from now on CO). Carbon monoxide alarms are measuring CO levels and this way helps in preventing carbon monoxide poisoning. They are very important, as CO is an odourless, tasteless and colorless gas. Spotting it without this type of help would be incredibly difficult. Almost impossible. They can be placed on the floor as well as on the ceiling, but it´s always great to keep to recommended placement from manual.

Get the best smoke and carbon monoxide detectors today! 

Gas leak detectors 

We have as well different gas leak detectors, which are measuring the concentration of particular natural or artificial gas (LPG, coal gas and others). When the gas concentration reaches an excessive level, the gas detector responds with visual and acoustic alarm activity.

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