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Eglo connect - smart lighting

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Eglo – Intelligent Lighting Concept Eglo Connect

This lighting concept provides a user with control over lighting, but you can decide which light would you like to control – individual control over the light in your lighting system. Thanks to Eglo connect, you can do that! With Eglo bulbs you receive a remote control (of course you can control Eglo lights with your phone, smartwatch, or tablet as well with the free of charge app AwoX). Eglo LED lights let you dim the brightness smoothly to your preference and this way you will create a perfect atmosphere at any moment.

Installation is very quick and simple, so everyone can do it. There is no need to pay for an electrician. The network where your lighting system will be operating is protected, you don´t have to worry about threats of somebody else controlling your household lighting. It´s also important to highlight that you do not need an internet connection to control lighting (just for initial registration and setting). Shop for Eglo lights, Eglo bulbs and Eglo accessories (like Eglo smart socket) now.
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