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Classic light bulbs

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Description of the category

Light bulbs – classic, colored and vintage

While our category of classic light bulbs is not sorted out by any categories, three major light bulb types are ruling it.

You can scroll through our offer of the regular heavy-duty bulb, the most represented models are bulb E14 and bulb E27. The model of E14 bulbs has the same base but they can have different shapes. Both of these bulb types have a small light fitting, which allows you to use them everywhere from small night table lamps to chandeliers. While scrolling through our offer of classic lights you might also come through a decorative dimming bulb, which is in yellow/gold colorway with the vintage look. The third so-called category includes colored light bulbs. We offer these in different colors, such as red, green. Philips Hue lights are working like small computers. They can communicate with external devices. Their light is more natural and vibrant than the others. While Philips Hue bulbs might be in higher price ranges, you might be able to get them from our offer for discounted prices. As we regularly put on sale many products including different bulbs models like E27 Philips Hue and other well-known brands.
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