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Tuya SmartHome

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Tuya SmartHome - smart devices, smart sockets and lighting

Control your entire household in a single app that automatically uses the language of your phone. You can find everything from lighting to window blind controllers. Become the master of light in your home thanks to products supporting the Tuya SmartHome app. Gain complete control over your house and plot of land. Tuya smart detectors and cameras easily connect to your Wi-Fi network and let you know everything that goes on in your garden. You don't need anything special to install all your products.Tuya SmartHome is not just a set of gadgets for a smart home system. It's a solution that allows you to turn almost any home device into a Tuya SmartHome device that implements the IoT concept. In the Tuya SmartHome category you will find everything from lighting to control panels to blinds or blinds.

Creating a smart home with Tuya SmartHome will make your life a lot easier and you can connect Tuya to your Google Home. Check on your smartphone if windows and doors are closed, or adjust the temperature with a smart thermostat, set the temperature in the house so comfortable before your arrival. Tuya Smart is a global IoT development platform that builds interconnection standards to bridge the intelligent needs of brands, developers and retail chains across a wide range of smart devices and industries. Based on the global public cloud, Tuya connects various intelligent scenarios and smart devices by providing hardware development tools, integrating public cloud services, and offering an intelligent business development platform. Tuya provides comprehensive smart empowerment from technology to marketing to promote a neutral, open and accessible developer ecosystem. We have a large selection of Tuya homekit, Tuya smart lighting and Tuya smart bulbs.

Control your home from your mobile phone

Your life will be much easier when you create your own smart home.Take full control of your home with Tuya Home assistant. Your smartphone tells you if the windows are closed, and it allows you to set the temperature in the home using a smart thermostat. You can now make sure that your home has a comfortable temperature before you get home. You do not need anything special to install all your products. The installation of any product is quick and simple. The app allows you to connect multiple smart devices from different brands. See also our Tuya SmartHome smart cameras. We only deliver certified and safe products of European quality. With a few clicks, you can easily buy smart devices from Tuya SmartHome at good prices with us. Our consultant can help you choose and is happy to answer all your questions. Order today and get delivery right to your door. Buy your Tuya smart sockets and Tuya smart devices from us today.
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