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Floodlights - halogen, with motion sensor, LED

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Flood lights in special offers and discounts

Flood lights are a type of outdoor lighting that provides a broad beam of light. LED flood lights represents a very efficient way how to illuminate your garden, areas around the house, companies, outdoor fields, or parking lots with an enormous amount of non-natural light. It´s one of the most common ways of LED outdoor light that is being used. You can scroll through our offer or take a look at particular subcategories such as Solar flood lights, Flood lights with sensors, and mentioned LED flood lights. Shop for discounted lighting right now!

Motion sensor flood lights

Motion sensor flood lights are focused on a certain area, which stands as their field of view. Once this field gets interrupted, the flood sensor light will automatically turn on. For this reason, we recommend using flood lights with sensors the way, it covers leading points to your house. This way, the light with the sensor will go off as soon as you come home. Customers use them around swimming pools or on the patios as well. For the highest efficiency of this type of lighting, we recommend putting them in the range of 6 to ten feet above the ground level. Cheap flood lights with motions sensor are waiting for you!

LED flood lights

You might consider outdoor LED flood lights, as these are more energy-efficient, they produce more light per wattage of used power. They have higher lumen output, which results in brighter light. Considering environmental problems that we are dealing with, it´s great to have an option that is free from lead, mercury, glass, and toxic elements. Outdoor flood lights with LED, stay cooler than other lighting options, their thermal management reduces the created heat which is another great advantage of this type of LED work light. Scroll through cheap LED flood lights in this category.

Solar flood lights

The last subcategory represents solar flood lights. Solar garden lights are very popular because they are not complicated to connect, don´t require operating costs (no more electricity bills for this lighting), and at the same time deliver high-quality light. They work on the principle of charging through sunlight during the day. Our offer of solar flood lights is wide and you have the opportunity to choose from various types of this lighting. As a customer, you can choose solar light with integrated motion sensors to make your life easier as they will turn on/off based on your movement in the selected area.

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