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Accessories - transformers, digital timers and starters

To improve industrial lighting, special accessories are sometimes needed, thanks to which we can save money or, for example, increase the function of luminaires. In our e-shop, we offer transformers, digital timers or starters for fluorescent lamps.


Transformers allow fluorescent lamps to dim, the fluorescent lamp does not flash when lit, does not emit buzzing, the light is calm and does not shake thanks to the power supply of the fluorescent lamp with the high-frequency current. Transformers also enable stable operation of light intensity at various fluctuating voltages in the network, etc.

Digital timers and starters of fluorescent lamps

Digital starters in the form of a socket adapter offer more advanced options for setting switching intervals Starters for fluorescent lamps turn on the fluorescent lamps and extend the life of fluorescent lamps, saving you money and reducing maintenance requirements.

If you are looking for other accessories, not only for industrial lights, look into the electric material category where you will find many other gadgets.
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