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Industrial lights

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Description of the category

Flood lights and other heavy-duty types of lighting 

Heavy-duty lights have been designed to be extremely resistant towards demanding applications, conditions, the environment they are used in. They are often referred to as a work light, as they are helping in lighting work areas. They are usually attached to a particular machine and illuminate it while it´s running. 

Guide to fluorescent lights 

Fluorescent lights are most suitable for hallway areas, offices, or shops. It´s good to keep in mind that as fluorescent light gets older, it gets less efficient over time. Which is connected to the need of more voltage to produce a regular amount of light. Our offer includes accessories for this type of lighting as well, we have different models of fluorescent light starters

Guide to (LED) flood lights 

Flood lights provide a broad beam of light, it´s a very efficient way how to illuminate your garden, areas around the house, companies, outdoor fields, or parking lots with an enormous amount of non-natural light. Motion sensor flood lights will automatically turn on once the subject in the scanned area is noticed.

You might consider outdoor LED flood lightslights, as these are more energy-efficient, they produce more light per wattage of used power. They have higher lumen output, which results in brighter light. Considering environmental problems that we are dealing with, it´s great to have an option that is free from lead, mercury, glass, and toxic elements. Outdoor flood lights with LED, stay cooler than other lighting options, their thermal management reduces the created heat which is another great advantage of this type of LED work light.

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