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LED fluorescent lights and tubes

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Fluorescent light – LEDs that save energy

LED fluorescent tubes are truly energy-efficient types of lighting with base G5 and G13. Our offer of led fluorescent tubes includes different models of the LED tube light. The customer has an option to choose from T8 LED model and T5 LED tube model.

How to choose between T5 and T8 LED fluorescent light bulbs/tubes?

The difference between the mentioned models categories stands in their thickness. The LED fluorescent tubes T5 is the tiniest model of tube light on the market. It´s 5/8ths of an inch thick. This model reaches the best results in energy-saving tests. We recommend using T5 tube lights in refrigerators, commercial buildings, offices, schools, or you can use them as emergency lighting. This model has been tested in more difficult conditions, such as higher or lower temperatures and it has passed this test. The average expected lifespan of T5 fluorescent light is around 30 000 hours. The more common model, the more used model of energy-saving light bulbs are LED fluorescent tubes T8. The model of T8 is exactly 1inch thick. Unlike the T5 model, the application of this model is not recommended in extreme conditions because it did not show good results in the tests, under extreme conditions. The average expected lifespan of T8 fluorescent light is around 30 000 hours (T8 LED approximately 50 000 hours).
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