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Street lamps for public lighting

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Street lamps, public lighting, and accessories for it

Part of the public lighting is street lights and roadway lights. In our offer, you can shop for different types of street lights. LED street lights are being used to illuminate pathways, parking lots, construction sites and others. LED street light price is higher than for the regular lights and there are many reasons for it. The structure of LED roadway light is toughened glass that protects its optical system. The body of light itself is made of high-pressure aluminium casting. It comes in different IP ratings that provide information about its protection against dirt and humidity. LED outdoor lights differ from indoor lighting as they are in more extreme conditions. When choosing a proper LED outdoor light you must look at the IP code included. The first digit in IP informs the customer about its solid particle protection. The second digit in IP informs the customer about its liquid ingress protection. Take a look at our offer of LED street lights for sale or take a look at different outdoor LED lights.
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