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Pillows for newborns 

A comfortable, high-quality pillow can make our sleep significantly better. In the category pillows you will find pregnancy pillows, but also orthopedic and anatomical body pillows made of high quality memory foam. Memory foam pillows provide good comfort for the cervix. The anatomical pillows are suitable for sleeping on the back, sides and or stomach. In addition, the category also includes high-quality breastfeeding pillows and orthopedic sleeping pillows. Their main ability is to distribute the weight during sleep. In this category you will find other things for your sleep, such as mattresses, blankets and bedspreads. We have a wide range of pillows for sofa, pillows for the bed and nursing pillows. We have something for everyone. The quality of a pillow significantly affects our sleep. Everyone prefers different types of pillows and therefore you should take the time to choose the right one. In the pillow category you will find classic pillows, but also orthopedic pillows and anatomical pillows made of high quality memory foam, which gives your spine good comfort. They are designed for you to sleep on your back, side or stomach. In addition, there are also knee pads, which are high quality pillows that can be shaped. Their primary property is weight distribution during sleep. They can also be used as maternity pillows. See all our pillows for the sofapillows for the bed and pillows for your baby in our online shop. We also offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor lights.

Last but not least, you will also find the best pillows for your baby. Pillows shaped like a lap which ensures that your baby sits in a safe position. Also see our pillow wedges. They are very popular. Ergonomic stabilization pads are also available. The ergonomic shape gives an ideal, round head shape, which prevents the soft bones from becoming deformed. To ensure maximum comfort and stable headrest during breastfeeding, you can also choose from several different breastfeeding pillows. The pillow is an innovative travel pillow for breastfeeding. The pillow is universal. If you are looking for other accessories for a good night's sleep, take a closer look at the main category, where you will find mattresses, duvets and other accessories. With us you will find suitable pillows for mothers. Last but not least, you will find nursing pillows for your little ones. Our pillows ensure the baby's position on the back and our pillows are available in many different colors. In addition, there is an ergonomic stabilization pad. The ergonomic shape ensures the perfect oval shape on the head. This prevents deformation of the soft bones. We also have a wide range of decorative pillowsfloor cushions and sofa cushions in our other categories. To ensure maximum comfort and stable support for the baby's head during breastfeeding, there are different types of breastfeeding pillows. We also offer baby sleeping bags and cribs. See all our different designer pillows in our other categories on our website.

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