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LED panels

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Description of the category

LED panels - elegant and efficient ceiling LED lights

LED lighting has become the most popular type of lighting for a good set of reasons. LED lights are working better with energy efficiency (they consume a lower amount of energy and provide the same amount of light as the other types). The light itself is strong and bright, designs are elegant and stylish and of course, LEDs have longer durability than other lighting. While there are many options of LED lights we will focus on LED panel lights.

Introduction to ceiling LED panel lights

Panel LED includes different components in its structure (LED strips, reflector a light diffusion film and PMMA acrylic). Thanks to these components even lit light panels are being made. LED panels are a type of ceiling light, not any ceiling lights. Thanks to their amazing designs this lighting is a truly modern ceiling lights option. Panel LEDs come in two different temperatures. Warm white stands for 2700 – 3000K and it provides a traditional golden color. Cool white stands for 4000 – 5000K and it provides a clean, modern look. They come in any color as RGB. Supported by 12V or 24V.

Where you can use flat panel led lights

They work great for smaller types of bathrooms or bathrooms with lower ceilings. Ceiling LED panels are attached with a little gap or no gap on the ceiling and for this reason, they are not making your bathroom look smaller (like some other type of ceiling lighting might do). Thanks to their intensity of light they work great for bigger bathrooms as well. Other than that you can use them in offices, warehouses, schools, supermarkets, and so on. In this category, you might find different frames for panel lights as well. Shop for more LED lighting options as LED chandeliers, LED wall lights and others.
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