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With us you will find blankets for the whole family 

Rugs are an excellent companion in winter or summer evenings when sitting in the garden. Cotton rugs and blankets can also be used as a bedroom rug, both for you and your children. Children often like rugs, so when choosing a children's rug, you should carefully consider what material the rug should be made of. We offer quality blankets to provide extra warmth and comfort when you sleep. Our washable rugs are made of a quality material that not only keeps you warm, but also makes you feel comfortable. In our category you will find rugs in different sizes and sets of pillows and rugs. The blankets can also be used for playing or when changing nappies, to screen the sun, for a haircut or for breastfeeding. Check out our pillows, sheets and mattresses for a good night's sleep. We have many different kinds of children's blankets like our long blanket, children's rugs and large rugs that can be washed. Carpets have been around for many hundreds of years and they have been made from many different types of materials. Common to each rug is that they are soft and contribute something decorative to the room. Outdoor rugs come in many shapes, colors and materials, and can help create a whole new atmosphere in the room. We also have a wide range of mattresses and pillows

When you decorate your home with loose rugs, it can help to change the look of the room, and at the same time they are soft to walk on. You can use loose rugs for decoration in a particular room or the open areas of the home e.g. in the hallway, in the hallway or in the guest room. We offer blanket for children to give your child more comfort when he or she sleeps. Browse our selection of design rugs and more for you and your family. In our webshop you can also find special products for your child's peaceful sleep. You can choose from many other products such as partitions and baby bags. You can also use the blankets as a duvet for both you and your children. Children often become very fond of these baby blankets, and therefore you should carefully consider the materials the rug is made of. In our category you will find both blankets and duvets in different sizes, but also bedding sets consisting of pillows and duvets. You can also use the blanket as a play mat, changing mat or while breastfeeding. Some of our cheap rugs can also be used as a sunshade. We have both rugs for the living room and rugs for children in our range of products. We have a wide selection of rugs for sale but we also offer mange types of indoor and outdoor lights.

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