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LED diode strips

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LED strips lights – Variable and smart choice 

LED strip lights have become a new versatile type of lighting. This type of lighting is available in a rich range of colors and brightness. Quality of light is provided with individual LED emitters. Components of this light are attached to a flexible circuit board. This allows you to use them anywhere (sticky LED light) and almost anyhow even on uneven surfaces. Connecting LED strip lights will require a DC power supply, or another LED strip component that is connected to a DC power supply. 

12V and 24V which should you get 

LED strip lights are sorted by their voltage lighting system. There is not that much difference between for example 12V and 24V as long as you have used the proper power supplies for the particular light strip. 

12V LED strip lights are the best way for those who just start with LED strip lights. The reason behind this is the fact, that their cut-line parts have shorter distances between each other (1 inch. This gives a user easier cutting of the strip). 

LED strips 24V have a 2-inch distance between their cut-line. They are the most energy efficient as they have lowered the potential for voltage drop. The last category by high voltage is LED strips 230V

RGB LED strip lighting 

RGB LED strip is made of red, blue and green LED chips and it provides subtle and bright light as well as different colors. These are smart LED strip lights as well. It means you can control them over the wi-fi, with your phone (through applications like TUYA smart) or some other remote controller.

Strip lighting is not just for the interior, you can scroll through our offer and choose outdoor LED strip lights as well. 

Save with us 

If you like to save some money, you can take a look at our discounted products of strip lighting. There is a wide range of well-known brands for lower prices. We have a set of LED strip lights, which is another way how to save some money. Philips hue light strip is a popular choice at our store. We recommend considering the model of this prestigious lighting company. Quality is verified.

Get the best LED strip lights, adhesive LED strips or accessories for strip lights with us today!

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