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Outdoor socket posts for garden

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Outdoor sockets, socket columns with more sockets

You probably have found yourself in the situation where you were working outside on something and you needed an outdoor outlet with power but there was none nearby. Outdoor plug sockets could help you with that. Outdoor power outlets are a customer-favorite add-on to outdoor lighting or extensions. You should keep in mind the fact, that your outside socket will be facing all kinds of weather and that is why you should look into IP rating as well. This will give you information about how resistant a particular socket is, towards liquid and solid particles. This way you will be able to shop easier for a completely waterproof socket if that´s what you need.


When you decide to install an outdoor power socket, it´s good to create a hole for cables on the back of an already placed indoor socket. The new one should be adjacent to it on the outside wall. If this is not possible, you should consider leading a cable from an indoor socket along the wall – to protect exposed parts by conduit. If you buy an outside plug socket with a metal mounting box, you will earth it for safety (not necessary for plastic mounting boxes).

About our offer

We have different power socket types, in various colors and materials. Not only that, our outdoor socket boxes have a different number of outside sockets in them – multi-socket columns (from single to outdoor double socket up to 4 sockets in one column). You can shop for different functionalities as well. Very popular are timer plug sockets. Outdoor timer plugs save energy and your time. A great advantage for effortless garden lighting. The offer is wide, all you have to do is choose the right outdoor electrical socket, that will be most suitable for your garden or your outside area. You can shop for another outdoor lighting here!
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