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Nedis - smart home

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Description of the category

Smart switches, smart bulbs, Smartlife from Nedis

In our offer of smart lighting systems, we have different brands you can choose from. There is no argument that smart lighting is becoming more and more popular every day. People love to have remote control lighting which allows them to do so much while requiring too little manual work. With this category, we would like to introduce to you Nedis.

Nedis smart lighting

You can shop for general smart lighting whether you would like traditional smart light bulbs, ceiling lights, or modern smart strip lights. Smart LED bulbs provide a unique mix of classic design and the possibility to dim the light or to change a color temperature (range from warm white for great relaxation – around 1800K to cold white for situations where you need to be focused – up to 6500K). You can pair your Nedis smart bulbs with other products from the Nedis Smartlife series – which allows you to create scenes and scheduling. Smartlife bulbs are supported by voice control from Siri, Google Home, and Amazon Alexa.

Nedis smart plugs

Another subcategory we have for you is dedicated to smart plugs/smart sockets from Nedis. These smart outlets provide you with an option of easy and remote control over many electrical appliances plugged into our wifi smart plugs. All appliances are identified as soon as they are plugged in! This will save you energy and confirm the smart functioning of your home. We have different sockets with single or more outlets, USB outlets and more. These wireless smart plugs can be scheduled based on your preference. Of course, these controllers have different ranges and they support brands other than Nevis as well.

Nevis remote controllers

We must mention universal remote controllers Nevis which work as air conditioners, TV, smart light switches at the same time.

Nevis smart security

Last but not least is Nevis smart security. In this subcategory, you can find different smart doorbells. Doorbells with cameras send you a notification to your smartphone when someone approaches (motion detection) or rings a bell. With Smart doorbell cameras, there is a two-way communication option. This way you can talk to your visitors no matter where you are. You can talk and instruct the postman about how to or where to put your package and many more great benefits. Then you can shop for different smart IP cameras, smart smoke detectors, smart motion sensors, smart temperature-humidity sensors and wifi water sensors and many other accessories that will increase your smart home security to the highest level!
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