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Transformers - electric transformers

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Electric transformers in different watts

It´s important to know that LED bulbs require to have a certain electric transformer to work. Sometimes LED transformer is a build-in bulb and sometimes LED light transformer is externally located. LED bulbs are not the only type of lighting that needs to have some type of transformer. There is many other that needs it. It´s always good to check if you are getting a transformer included with the light or if you need to buy it.

For the low voltage lights, you will need a low voltage transformer. For example, LED strips are using a DC voltage of 12V. Your electricity in the socket is 230V. Thanks to this LED transformer 12V will convert voltage from the main electricity and make things work properly. We offer different types of transformers in watts (from low 6W up to 100W transformers). The approximate wattage necessary for one meter is approximately 4.8W.

You can take a look at other electric materials (such as batteries, plugs, cables, chargers and many more ) we provide as well.
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