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Advantages of smart lighting Philips Hue

With the Philips Hue smart lighting, you will get immediate control over your lighting. Daily activities are much easier with the right lighting. Philips Hue will help you to wake up and get energized during your breakfast, it will help your children to focus on homework, and at the end of a busy day, it will give you the right light setting for reading or relaxation.

Simple installation

Simple installation

Installing Philips Hue is simple. The installation only takes a few minutes and you don't have to change the electrical wiring in your home.

Wide offer

Wide offer

From smart lighting, LED strips, indoor lights to outdoor lighting, Philips Hue offers a solution for everyone.

Guarantee of quality

Guarantee of quality

For more than 10 years, Philips Hue products have been synonymous with quality and progress. The Hue ecosystem works reliably and the app is well-organized and regularly updated.



By changing the brightness, color, and temperature of lighting, you can change the atmosphere in the room immediately.

Discover all functions

How to start with Philips Hue?

The setting is simple, and control is even simpler. You will only need the Philips Hue bulb or light and the Hue app to start. You can then add the Hue Bridge anytime to get the complete set of smart lighting functions.

Philips Hue bulb

Install the Philips Hue bulbs

Smart bulbs are the basis of Philips Hue. Unscrew the regular bulb and install the Philips Hue bulb. If you want to control the light via a switch, the bulb will work as any ordinary bulb.

Philips Hue app

Download the Hue app

You will discover the magic of Philips Hue while controlling via the Hue app or remote control. You can then control the brightness, and depending on the bulb type, you can control the temperature or even choose from 16 million colors.

Philips Hue bridge

Add the Hue Bridge unit

Make the most of Philips Hue Hue Bridge. Get access to automation, and other useful functions for up to 50 lights in your household. The Hue Bridge is a part of all starter packs.

Learn more

Control Philips Hue your way

Philips Hue offers a simple and comfortable way to control home lighting. Thanks to the wide range of accessories, from elegant remote controls to motion sensors, you have your lights always under control. The well-worked-out app and control via voice assistants is a matter of course.

Philips Hue Motion sensor

Motion sensor

Turn lights on by movement. It is battery-powered, and you can easily install it anywhere.

Philips Hue Tap Dial Switch

Tap Dial Switch

Control up to three rooms or zones. By turning the outer ring, you change the light brightness. The remote control can be mounted on a wall, placed on a magnetic surface, or used as a remote control.

Philips Hue Dimmer Switch

Dimmer Switch

Switch between adjustable scenes. Smooth light regulation. Mount it on a wall or magnetic surface.

Philips Hue Wall switch module

Wall switch module

Installation behind a regular switch. The module will make sure that the lights are always powered. The setting of scenes for individual lights or in the whole room/zone is done via a classic switch.


Philips Hue - smart lighting

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Description of the category

Smart lighting Philips Hue – smart lights

Philips HUE is a system for the control of bulbs via a mobile device (phone, tablet) with the help of a Wi-Fi app. This smart electrical installation is gaining more and more popularity in the world and in our country.

Smart home

Download and install an app that can control up to 50 LED bulbs Philips HUE. Thanks to that, you can remotely control LED bulbs Philips HUE and create a colorful environment according to your mood or control practical functions for the given type of lighting that you need. Create a smart light with the Philips HUE set and turn your home into a smart house. Philips HUE is a great solution for your smart lighting.

Smart lighting

The system works using the Bridge and the app downloaded to your smart device. You can download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Smart lighting Philips HUE LED is a real revolution in the possibility of lighting your interior.
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