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Special light bulbs

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Colored light bulbs and other special light bulbs 

Let us help you find a replacement bulb for your household machines. Our offer includes sewing machine light bulbs, refrigerator light bulbs, over the stove light bulbs, and others.

Our stove light bulbs are mostly of model E14. This model is a very popularly used model of stove bulbs for microwaves, as well as models E26 and A15. Range hood light bulbs are mostly LED lights or halogen lights. You can find both in our offer.

Except for the mentioned products we offer as well different colored light bulbs model E27. These are the most common types of LED bulbs. They come with an Edison Screw base. Not only that we have colored light bulbs we have color changing light bulbs as well. The right step toward playing with the atmosphere of your household areas.

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