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Vintage light bulbs

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Vintage lighting – be modern while looking vintage

Vintage light bulbs (you can find them under names such as Edison light bulbs or antique light bulbs as well) stands for a mix of modern technology and vintage look.

Technology that saves money and last long

Under modern technology, we have in mind vintage LED bulbs/LED Edison bulbs that are energy efficient and have much better durability than the other types of light. The ordinary Edison bulbs are much less energy efficient as almost all of their energy is being turned into heat (up to 90%) while LEDs have just a small part being turned into the heat (up to 20%). Another issue with classical vintage bulbs was that they were not so bright, and they were too fragile. That is why we recommend you choose rather LED vintage bulb than the ordinary one.

... and style that looks vintage!

As for the vintage look we have in mind old-school incandescent looks with “fake” filaments inside of this antique lighting. People love to buy vintage bulbs and vintage lamps as they have a nostalgic feeling, they work amazingly as home decoration as well and sometimes vintage lighting is the small detail that can be that last drop missing in perfect complexity of your living room or dining room.

If you would like to see more vintage-looking products take a look at our offer of vintage wall lights, vintage chandeliers and other vintage-related products.
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