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Voltage meters, connectors and other electric accessories

Our offer of electric material includes many different electric accessories as well. We gathered them and put them in this category for you. You will find almost everything you might need for lighting here. We have products like a voltage meter – that allows you to measure DC voltage from range 12 to 250V and AC voltage from range 12V to 230V. These voltage testers can provide either contact or non-contact measurement with an LCD. Then we have insulation tape that helps you to insulate, protect electrical wires and cables which conduct electricity. Another type of product included in the offer is connectors (connectors for LED strip, RGB LED connectors, and many more). LED lighting connectors work to connect strip segments with dimmers, they help with gaps/corners and work to split power or control signals in different directions. Shop for LED strip light connectors and get creative with our offer of LED strip lighting. Then we have of course some other products such as accessory boxes, lighting frames and so on.
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