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Every good handyman has a well-equipped workroom according to their needs and skills. But it can happen to everyone that they are missing something or they just want to enrich their workroom with something else.

Hand tools

Hand tools are among the basic equipment of the workroom and household. These include, for example, hammers, pliers, wrenches, drills, complete sets of hand tools, as well as various boxes and organizers. Each of these types of tools should be made of quality material for comfort at work and also for long-life.

Electric tools

This type is used in make the work easier. You often don't have to use physical force with it because electricity will do it for you. We offer cordless drills, pliers, sheet metal shears, saws, compressors, oil extractors and much more.

Other mounting accessories

Category dedicated to all other products that did not fit into our tool categories. You will find everything you need to install lights, sockets, and much more.

Work lighting

In the Work lighting category, you will find various types of work LED lights. Large part of LED work lights consists of portable floodlights, which are very efficient and you can best use them, for example, on construction sites or simply everywhere where you need to really illuminate a large area. We also have warning lights, beacons or light reflectors for you. Whether you are looking for LED work lights for you home, workroom or work, you will surely choose from our work lights.

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