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Antibacterial bulbs

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Description of the category

Antibacterial bulbs, safe home without dust and viruses

New series of LED light sources with antibacterial function. Antibacterial LED sources OSRAM with a nanosurface using photocatalytic technology eliminate odors, viruses and mold from the air upon contact with the source. These light sources are harmless to humans and animals. This type of LED source is an ideal choice for restaurants and kitchen facilities, accommodation and recreational facilities. The bulb should be placed in open lights.

How does it work?

  • The visible light generated by the bulb activates the nano coating.
  • Natural air circulation brings bacteria and odors into contact with the coating, where they are decomposed and neutralized.
  • No material is consumed during the reaction.
  • Permanent coating can last for many years.

Efficiency by number of sources

  • 1 bulb - Basic efficiency
  • 4 bulbs - Medium efficiency
  • 8 bulbs - High efficiency

Technology of photocatalytic layers

  • Invisible nano coating is applied to the surface of the LED bulb.
  • Safe technology - does not emit ultraviolet radiation.
  • The thin coating has no negative effect on the brightness or color of the bulb.

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