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LED light bulbs

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Description of the category

LED light bulbs – Higher efficiency and lower costs 

Why should you choose LED light bulbs instead of regular ones? We have the answer for you. LED-type bulbs do not require as much energy to create the same amount of light as regular bulbs, which eventually saves you money on energy costs. It´s been proven that LED bulbs need around 75% less energy than regular bulbs. LED bulbs have a much longer lifespan as well (around 25 000 hours). LED lights do not stand in the way of air-conditioning systems or heating, while for example, halogen lamps are inefficient in way of heating a space. 

Models of LED bulbs E27 and E14 

The most common types are LED bulbs E27, which comes with an Edison Screw base. You can find in our offer different color temperatures. For example temperature of 3000K finds the perfect use for relaxation as well as for productivity. They can be used in hallways and kitchen areas. While the bulbs with a temperature under 2400K create more of a romantic feeling and are more suitable for bedrooms and living rooms at your home. Another very popularly used model of bulbs used in households is LED bulb E14. Many referred to it as the younger brother of the E27 bulb. Similar to with E27 model, they can be used in different areas based on their color temperature. 

Models of LED bulbs G9 and GU10 

LED bulbs G9 which providing undirected and virtually emitted light all around. Great way how to bring intimate lighting into your home, especially to the bedroom or living room. LED bulbs GU10 differs by their brightness, but they provide warm white light. The ones with lower brightness play well with dining rooms and bedrooms while the others with higher brightness might be used in other areas of your house as well. In our offer, you might find a special category for LED bulbs 12V, LED vintage bulbs for lovers of that vintage look and many other LED bulbs. 

Quality named Philips lighting 

Philips Lighting is recognized in the global market as a leading specialist in the development, production and use of innovative lighting solutions. We recommend taking a look at their products including a rich range of Philips LED bulbs. Many of our products go on sale regularly in case you would like to save money. Or you might take a look at our sets of LED light bulbs which are packed with 2 or 3 bulbs.

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