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Reflector bulbs

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Spotlight bulbs E14 and many others

In our offer of spotlight bulbs, you can scroll through a lot of different models. The most common types are E14 bulbs, E27 bulbs, GU5 bulbs and GU10 bulbs. LED spotlight bulbs consume much less energy than halogen spotlight bulbs. LED flood light bulbs have longer durability than halogen flood light bulbs as well. LED bulbs provide the same amount of light for less energy consumed.

When shopping for a proper spotlight you need to keep in mind the difference in the beam angle. The narrower angle is, the less area is covered with light. Flood light bulb with a beam angle of 50° fits better to light smaller areas, particular objects in the room that you might like to highlight. Floodlight bulbs with a beam angle of 130° fit better for larger areas – application as general lighting. If you like to adjust the intensity of light you can take a look at different spot dimmable bulbs as well.

You can take a look into our main category of light bulbs or general category of spotlights - including different types such as designer spotlights, LED spotlights, and many others.
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