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Professional lighting with a 5-year warranty

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Description of the category

Waterproof LED lights and other professional lights

This category includes professional lighting that needs to be present in work conditions with precision to quality. As lighting can function as contributing factor to work performance, pro lighting is not something that should be overlooked. Our main category is divided into 3 subcategories, namely LED professional lights, Professional lights with sensors and Waterproof professional lights. This type of lighting fits well for commercial, process, industrial areas as well as for warehouses and others. We recommend taking a look at the IP value, as this value informs you about water and dust resistance.

LED professional lights

This type of lighting is consuming much less energy for the same amount of light as any other type. Not only that LED industrial lights are energy-efficient, but they also have a brighter light, long durability and they are environment-friendly.

Professional motion sensor lights

LED motion sensor lights provide effortless and energy-efficient lighting indeed. There is no manual switching required. The light goes off once the observed area is interrupted. There are different times for how long motion lights will stay on. Our bestseller Greenlux GXPR084 for example has 4 modes of standby – 30 seconds, 10 minutes, or permanently on/off. You can set different sensor sensitivities by percentages. Each light has a different angle of view, observed radius and duration of lighting and many other features as well.

Waterproof professional lights

The following text provides you with an explanation of IP rating (Ingress Protection) in waterproof professional lighting. This rating states how is the particular light-resistant against liquid–water and solid (dirt, dust and so on) objects. This rating is made out of 2 digits. The first digit stands for solid resistance and the second digit stands for liquid resistance. Our offer includes many IP66 lights. Our offer is mainly represented with prestigious lighting brands such as Philips and Greenlux.
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