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Emergency lights

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Emergency lights – Safety in the first place 

You can find it in our different emergency lights for the home as well as for the workspaces and other areas. Emergency lights are at the same time working as emergency exit signs, which help to navigate people during emergency events. The most common type, that needs to be in every not private building are fire exit signs. 

LED emergency lights are battery-based which secures their functionality in the case of losing power. In our offer, you might find emergency recessed lights as well as emergency lights with motion sensor (Which are screening a certain area, which is their field of view. Once this field gets interrupted, the light will automatically turn on.) not only we have different types, but we have emergency light prices in different levels. Everybody will be able to choose from them.

For wet emergencies, we also offer waterproof emergency lights, which are extremely water-resistant. Get the best emergency light with us!

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