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House numbers

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Outdoor lighting - House numbers (solar, sensor, LED)

House numbers stand for an easy way to find your home for your guests, delivery persons and others. Traditional house number signs have not been lighted always, they used to be just plaque mounted on the wall of the house. When choosing a proper house number keep in mind to make sure that it is resistant towards outdoor conditions such as low/high temperatures, water and others. When you buy a light from our offer you get a sheet with house numbers (stickers). Shop for modern house numbers or another outdoor lighting with us. With LED house numbers you get that prestigious luxurious look that can be seen from far away as well as at the night.

House numbers with the sensor turn on when the observed area is interrupted. Each of the motion sensor house numbers has a different range and a different lighting duration.

Solar house numbers are a great way towards efficiency. Solar powered house numbers are being charged by the sun throughout the day and glow throughout the night. No need to pay for lighting.
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