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Motion sensors and dusk sensors

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Sensors – outdoor/indoor motion sensor lights

Are you often after the dark around a house or in the garden? Don't you want to look for a switch every time you go to the toilet or the fridge at night? Then you are in the right place and you can choose from our range of motion detector lights. We have a large variety of different types of sensors. Whether you are looking for indoor motion detectors or outdoor motion sensors we have your back.

About motion detectors

If you attach motion lights at the right spots, thanks to the motion sensor they detect every step of yours and they light up every time you pass by. Many sensors are equipped with a PIR sensor, which allows them to respond to infrared radiation emitted by a human body. Thanks to that motion sensor PIR gets activated and it lights up. For this reason, we recommend using motion sensor lighting the way, it covers leading points to your house. This way, the light will go off as soon as you come home. Customers use them around swimming pools or on the patios as well. For the highest efficiency of this type of lighting, we recommend putting them in the range of 6 to ten feet above ground level. Some sensors use a dusk switch, which allows them to automatically light up in a moment when you need it the most. Outside lights with sensors are not providing just effortless lighting but can work as outdoor security lights as well. You can set different sensor sensitivities by percentages. Each light has a different angle of view, observed radius and duration of lighting and many other features as well.

Are you still missing something from electric material or are you looking for different outdoor lighting? Look at our offer, we believe, that you will find everything you need.
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