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Switches, dimmers and frames

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Description of the category

Switches, dimmers, and frames for your lights 

Light switch provides the option to turn on/off your lighting system by opening and closing electrical circuits where is power flowing. 

Types of light switches 

While in the past people used only a single pole switch, nowadays things are different. There are single pole switches – which are regular ON/OFF switches. They work from one wall location. Then we have Three-way switches, which allows users control to the light from two different wall locations (ground floor and first floor, entry and ending part of hallway and others). And Four-way switches, which allow users to control the light from three or more different locations (these are not commonly used in households, they work better in bigger areas). It´s important to keep in mind, that when you decide to change your old switch with a new one, the new switch, dimmer switch, or timer switch must have the same functionality as the original one. 

Designs of light switches 

Then we have different designs, such as wireless light switchrotary switch (control over light intensity) and others. The LED dimmer switch will allow users to control the intensity of the light as well. Dimmer switch lets you adjust it by your preference. 

Frames Switches are not the only thing we offer to you, we have a wide range of frames as well. You can get them for the single switch or frames for multiple switches (up to 5 switches on one frame). You can scroll through different variations, such as elegant and very popular black frames or luxury-looking gold frames and others. We are sure you will find the one that matches the color and atmospheric vibe of your interior design.

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