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Nanoleaf - smart home

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Nanoleaf – smart lighting that flirts with your music

Nanoleaf lights stand for the modern and stylish option of smart lighting that became a global trend in past years (people use to refer to them as gaming light panels as this lighting is commonly used in streamer and gamer studios). Nanoleaf LED lights come in many different model variations. The main advantages are that installation and setup are easy. No drilling is necessary as the product has double-sided mounting tape. This lighting provides over 16 million colours for you and many others. Nanoleaf products are being promoted as the world´s most energy-efficient light bulbs.

Nanoleaf light panels stand for modular LED lights. Nanoleaf LED lights can be controlled manually or with your voice. Nanoleaf panels can change colours based on your preference. The leaf panels were upgraded back in 2017 - introduction of the new upgrade – Nanoleaf Rhythm. Thanks to this upgrade, all Nanoleaf bulbs can react to music in real-time!

Nanoleaf Remote and Nanoleaf Canvas

Nanoleaf Remote is a psychical controller for Nanoleaf lighting and other HomeKit products. It´s a remote controller like no other—a very stylish futuristic design of 12-sided dodecahedron. Nanoleaf Canvas is touch-controlled lighting that has a built-in music visualizer.

Nanoleaf shapes

You can shop for Nanoleaf hexagons which were introduced on the market back in 2020. These hexagon light panels were just first in the series of new shapes, then Nanoleaf triangles were released and Nanoleaf mini LED triangles followed. Thanks to different Nanoleaf shapes, you and your creativity can work magic with this lighting! Not only triangle light panels, but Nanoleaf Essentials was released as well in 2020. Thanks to this addition to the series, you can shop for RGB light strips as well.

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