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Wall lights - the right thing for your wall! - Markslöjd

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Description of the category

Wide range of wall lights for your interior

One of the basic types of lights are so-called wall lights, which you can use in any indoor room (bathroom wall lights, bedroom, living room) according to your taste, as well as in outdoor areas (as they are well water-resistant).

LED wall rights - Save on energy costs

Nevertheless, there are a large number of color and type designs of indoor wall lights, for example, LED wall lights in case you would like to save energy and have a lighting fixture with a long lifespan. Some of them might be working under the Smart system. It means that these can be controlled with your phone or some remote controller. Another type of indoor lighting you might consider is battery-operated wall lights, which are more suitable for some customers as well.

Wall lights with motion sensor

Another very popular type of wall light is the one with motion sensors, which are more preferred for halls and staircases as they don´t require manual switching on/off. When you are walking through the spaces of your house where you do not plan on staying for a long time, this is a great choice to go with as well as wall spotlights.

These wall lights are the right fit for your living room

While choosing proper living room wall lights - the places where your guests might spend time or you with your family might spend some more time... It´s good to keep that in mind. You can slam into a pocket and go for a more sophisticated type of wall lights such as modern wall lighting, designer wall lighting which will be stunning just to look at from a design point of view or decorative wall lights, which might be just a small addition, but they can fill in the complexity of the whole room. Rustic wall lights or vintage wall lights could be a great match in case you have rustic or vintage-looking furniture as a part of your living room (or any other room).

Dining room, bedroom and wall lights for your children

For your dining room, we would recommend crystal wall lights or Tiffany stained glass wall lights. These will breathe the luxurious touch and with some sun rays, will fill the whole room with beautiful colors.

As for bedroom wall lights, we recommend looking into the category of wooden lights they are usually going very well with the bed and other bedroom furniture.

In our offer, you will also find various wall lights for your children´s rooms with motifs from Disney (Frozen, Finding Nemo, Cars, Star Wars) and other well-known brands. Whether you have a little boy or a little girl, everybody will find something they might like.
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