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Table lamps and small lamps - Ledvance

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Description of the category

Table lamps for your study, work, home and portable 

Table lamps come in a wide range of colors, styles, shapes and functions – because this type of lamp is not fulfilling just a function of lighting but some work perfectly as home decoration as well. 

Classic table lamps 

Let´s start with the more settled types of table lamp. For example, we have a special category of office lamps which work great as work lamps as well as study lamps. You can just attach them or simply put them and have them as your desk lamp. They come in a lot of variations as LED table lamps (save energy cost and have long durability), dimming table lamps (which let you adjust the volume of the light). We have smart models with time, date, the temperature in them, RGB lighting which lets you change among the color spectrum as well as classic models.

Battery-operated lights comes usually in very practical, portable sizes. As for the shapes, you can choose anything from fireplace lantern, mushroom or even as your favorite character from Disney´s Finding Nemo – as fish Dory and many, many more.

Modern table lamps 

More and more attention are receiving salt lamps, especially popular Himalayan salt lamp. They give off an amber, relatively dim light. The perfect way how to enrich the household.

Which type of lamp to choose as your perfect bedside lamp? How to get the most effective night light for you? We have decorative table lamps that might feel your bedroom preference. We also singled out the category specially for night lamps and plug-in night lights.

For your stylish dining rooms and living rooms, we recommend looking into the category vintage table lamps (for artistic souls), Tiffany stained glass table lamps (for luxury lovers) or ceramic table lamps. You will find something that will complement your furniture and the vibe of your interior design.

Children´s table lamps and how to save with us 

Don´t worry we have not forgotten about the youngest of you. We have the whole category of children´s table lamps as well. There you can choose the perfect table lamp with popular Disney motives such as The Secret Life Of Pets, Cars, Star Wars and others. In our offer, you might also find lampstands. If you would like to save a little money you should look at our table lamps sale, where we offer a wide range of well-known brands for discounted prices. There you can find EgloRabalux, Philips table lamps and others.

Get your modern table lamps today!

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