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Spotlights - Klausen

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Description of the category

Spot lighting – Designer models and other variations 

Spot lighting is different from other categories of lighting. While the others are filling the larger areas (whole room) with light, spotlight light is projecting light only on a particular space. While many may think this type of lighting belongs to concert venues or theatres the opposite is the truth. 

Spot lighting for your kitchen 

Kitchen track lighting is very popular and many people have included it in their households. This type of lighting simply works great for cupboards in general. Light is not too wide but at the same time gives you the right amount of visibility. Perfect for those of you who are late cooks and late eaters. 

Solar spot lighting 

Getting solar spotlights for your dining room or living room gives you a great advantage. This type of lighting is being charged automatically during the day. After the day, night comes and that is when they will provide you light. Stylish, besides, they will help you to save on energy costs.

Spotlights for bathroom 

For your bathroom we have ready (LED) suspended ceiling lights and LED suspended ceiling panels. Suspended ceiling lights are offered as 12V and as 230V. Our offer includes frames for recessed ceiling lights as well. Don´t forget to take a look at our waterproof spotlight.

You might consider those LED spotlights in case you would like to save some more on energy costs and have a lighting fixture with a long lifespan.

We provide many designs and colorways of ceiling spotlights. We are sure you will find the one that fits best with your vision.

Save with us 

If you would like to save some more money you should take a look at our spotlights sale (including spotlight bulbs), where we offer a wide range of well-known brands for discounted prices. There you can find JUPITER, Eglo (wooden spotlights), Philips LED spotlight and others.

Spot lighting for the youngest and the rest of the offer 

In our offer, you will also find various spot lighting for your children with motifs from Disney and other well-known brands. We also have this type of lighting sorted out by other categories such as ledge lightsdirectional spots and others. Get your modern track lighting today!

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