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Outdoor lights, outdoor lighting - Ideal Lux

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Outdoor lighting

Outdoor lights are without a doubt one of the first things, which your guests see when coming to your garden or a terrace. In the past, it was not very common to have outdoor lights when planning exterior appearance, nowadays it is different. Customers use lighting for their outdoor garage or sidewalks, they use outdoor lights for terrace and swimming pool surroundings via LED lights. Very popular are mainly outdoor lights with motion sensors and also those lights, which don't consume any electric energy - solar lights and lamps. You can mainly use outside lighting with a sensor by garages or by entrance doors. If you want to effectively light up a terrace, we recommend outdoor wall lights (or LED outdoor facade lights), outdoor door lights, solar lamps or favorite decorative outdoor lanterns or kerosene lamps.

LED Outdoor lights

Garden lighting will contribute to the overall revival of the exterior of the house and it will take your garden to the next level. Since many lights are equipped with LED chips or LED light bulbs, you don't have to worry about high electricity costs. Such specially designed lighting is called LED outdoor lighting and it has many designs - starting with classic solar LED lights to modern outdoor LED strips or floodlights.

There are really countless possibilities and ways to cosset the exterior by using the magic of outdoor lighting. That is why you should choose the right outdoor lights for your house or garden to boast your skilfully illuminated garden to your guests and passers-by. At our e-shop, you can find a really wide selection of lights - outdoor floodlights, solar lights with sensors, wall lights, pendant lights and many more types. If you're not sure about what outdoor terrace light, balcony light or entrance light to choose, take a look into our advisory center.

Outdoor spotlights

Although it might seem, that spotlights are only suitable for the interior, you can also come across this type of lighting for example in the garden. Outdoor spotlights most often have a rod-shaped design, which is on one end equipped with a spike to insert into the ground, and on the other end, there is a light. So if you are looking for interesting house lighting, outdoor spotlights can help to illuminate for example garden statuettes or shrubs. As with all other exterior lights also outdoor spotlights are protected against the ingress of water, so you don't have to worry about them even in rainy weather.
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