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Floor lamps - Rabalux

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Description of the category

Floor lamps in vintage, rustic and other styles 

This type of lamp finds its functionality mainly for those of you who need just the right amount of light instead of lighting the whole area/room. If you like the ultimate control over the volume of light, we have a dimming floor lamp category specially for you. These will let you adjust the volume of light just the way it fits your preference.

You can enlighten any corner of your interior with our offer of floor lamps. Their main advantage is the fact, that they are easily moveable. You can put them anywhere you want and when you feel like they don´t fit with a selected spot that well, you can just move them by hand within seconds

Floor lamps - beautiful lighting and home decoration, all in one 

Most of the floor lamps work perfectly as a home decoration itself. That´s what we are keeping in mind and that is why we included a rich range of options in our offer. There is a variety of styles, colors, shapes, sizes (you can get small floor lamps or tall floor lamps, or even the ones with adjustable height). You can combine our gold floor lamps with your gold-stylized furniture in your living room. You can combine our black floor lamps with your dark-stylized furniture in your bedroom. You can combine our white floor lamp with your bathroom… well that probably won´t work (as there might be water on the floor in the bathroom) but you get the point. The options are limitless. With these designer floor lamps, your creativity is the only thing that sets rules for using them. 

Designs we offer speak creativity 

Rustic floor lamps will bring that old-fashioned-looking flavour to your place. Designs in this category are so significantly different and memorable, that you will have a difficult time choosing which one is the right one. So get both!

Instead of table lamps, we present your floor lamps with a table. Designers for this type of lighting give customers an option to have their floor lamp with a small space to put something on it. This type of floor lamp works great as a home decoration piece to enrich your interior.

As well as touch floor lamps which come in different shapes. Some of them even come with a remote controller. This will save you manual switching on/off. Ideal for bedroom areas for functionality and living room or dining room for their design factors.

The fourth type of floor lamp that works perfectly as home decoration is wooden floor lamps. Whether you are an artist or just somebody who likes that artistic vibe, this is the right way to go. 

Classic floor lamps and the rest of our offer 

Of course, we have a classic style of floor lamps as well. You can look through our category of LED floor lamps for more settle designs plus they save energy cost and have long durability.

Our offer of interior floor lamps is sorted out by other categories such as vintage floor lampsTiffany stained glass floor lamps, and others.

If you would like to save a little money you should look at our floor lamp sale, where we offer a wide range of well-known brands for discounted prices. There you can find EgloBrilagi, Philips floor lamps and others. 

Get your modern floor lamps today!

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