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Driveway and built-in light for driveway lighting - Philips

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Driveway or built-in light – assistant for lighting the driveway

Not only the garden and house deserve high-quality lighting. Today, the driveway, pavement, terrace, and other paths can also be illuminated thanks to modern lighting, which is known as an outdoor driveway light. The driveway lights are simple yet design lights, that serve mainly for orientation.

On the contrary, built-in lights will beautify your sidewalk or gazebo.

Two types of driveway lights

As this type of outdoor light is increasingly in demand, it is available in two versions - LED driveway lights or solar driveway lights. Both of these designs have their advantages, from which every customer will choose.

The driveway lights have a very high IP67 degree of protection (water, dust, and other bad weather). So if you often come home early (or late) when it's dark, these driveway outdoor lights will be the right choice for you to make your journey more enjoyable and easy.
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