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How to read energy labels

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Reading the energy label is easier than it seems. We will prove it to you in the next few paragraphs.

Energy label marks and sorts products according to their energy demands. In other words, we will help you imagine what product costs you can expect. And it also motivates the manufacturers to create products with better quality and products that are more energy-saving.

What will you read on the energy label?  

The current form of energy labels is very simple. On the product packaging, you will find a total of 7 energy classes distinguished by color (from the best green to the worst red) and the letters from A to G. The letter A means the least energy-demanding source, and the letter G is the most demanding. You can find out the specific class of the product by the black arrow and white letter on the right side of the label. The label also contains information about the consumption in kilowatts per 1 000 hours, which is a value that corresponds to the average annual household lighting. You will also find a QR code on the energy labels, through which you can access the European product database (EPREL). In it, you will find detailed information about the product.

Note: On a website, the energy label can be replaced by a basic energy arrow (you will find it right after clicking on the product). The arrow will redirect you to the more detailed label of the specific product. 

Original sorting of energy labels

Maybe you remember the original sorting of energy labels with categories A+++, A++, and others. No wonder, the change happened only recently, in March 2021. All products that came on the market after 1/5/2021 must carry the current form. And in 2024, you should only encounter the new labels.

Why is there a change?

There were a few reasons for the change. Mostly because in recent years, development has led to the fact that all electric lights, devices, and bulbs have become more and more energy efficient and economical. The differences between classes A+, A++, or A+++ blended because of that. And their marking with the same letters (with plus signs) was confusing. The new labeling has one more advantage for us consumers, in addition to better orientation.  It's stricter. For example, the products of the highest class A +++ could be newly classified up to category C. Currently, even categories A and B are almost empty, which creates space for other innovative resources in the future.

The product does not have the energy label

According to the regulation, you won't find the energy label on all lights. It applies to the following cases:

Lights without a light source. When purchasing a chandelier, lamps, and other lights without a light source, there won't be an energy label. The energy consumption of the light results from the light source that the customer uses in the light himself.

The light source can be removed. These are lights with a light source that can be replaced. You can find the energy class in the instructions and it only applies to the given light source. 

The light source can not be removed. It means that the light includes a light source that is a fixed part of the light. For example, LED strips. In this case, you can find the energy efficiency in the instructions and it only applies to the given light source.

Other exceptions. Other exceptions that do not have an energy label include, for example, battery-powered flashlights, special technological light sources, light sources for motor vehicles, or colorful light sources (Christmas lights and other small decorative items).

Author of the article:

Paulina Customer service specialist

Paulina is not only a customer service specialist but also a fan of modern LED lighting. Her articles will advise you on how to save on electrical energy or how to choose the right light bulb. She will also give you lots of tips on how to perfectly illuminate your house and garden.

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