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Batteries, accumulators

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Description of the category

Chargers, batteries, accumulators – buy now with us

In our offer of electric material, you can shop for batteries, accumulators and many more. This category includes several different subcategories.

AA, AAA batteries

We start with the AA battery category – which is very common and universal batteries, you can use them for a clock, remote controls, LED flashlights, wireless outdoor light controllers and many more. We sell them in different packages with 2,4,6,10 or even 12 batteries. Just make sure to take a look at their predicted lifetime as that is the most important feature. For outdoor lighting, we recommend buying batteries that can survive in weather conditions like frost and others.

The most commonly used type of battery has the subcategory of AAA battery. These are meant mostly for small electronic devices like remote controllers, lights, and others. Same as with AA batteries we sell them in packages with multiple pieces in them. They last shorter than AA batteries as they are bigger.

9V, C size battery and D size battery

9V battery is being used for devices where you need a higher voltage. You can use them in smoke detectors, gas detectors, old radios and others.

Then we have C battery and D battery subcategories as well. C size battery is being commonly used in toys, musical instruments. D size battery is being commonly used in large flashlights, transmitters, and other devices that you need to keep active for a longer time.

If you don´t want to keep buying new batteries it´s good to look into our category of chargers as well. The battery charger is a good investment and it´s not just because of money but it´s also ecological. Other than that you can look into subcategories of button cell batteries, flat batteries 4.5V, special batteries and leaden accumulators.

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