The new stock system is already successfully running and we are shipping at the speed that you were used to again. We apologize for the previous delay. More here.
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Lamps4sale is implementing a new stock system and completing two new storage halls

Lamps4sale is implementing a new stock system and completing two new storage halls
The news in Lamps4sale

Lamps4sale, the second largest online seller of lights in Europe, is implementing the new Warehouse Management System (WMS) and completing two new storage halls.

Thanks to the new technologies, Lamps4sale will be able to ship orders faster and more efficiently than before. The new stock system mySTOCK® WMS, supplied by the Kvados a.s. company, will use artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimize warehouse processes. That will enable faster and more accurate preparation of the goods and it will also simplify the logistics.

Lamps4sale has successfully delivered over 4 million orders, sells more than 200 lighting brands, and has currently 50 000 types of products, over 2 million pieces in stock on an area of 21 000 m² of storage space.

The new storage hall with an area of over 9 000 meters and the new hall next to it with space for 4 500 palettes with a height of 19 meters will allow Lamps4sale to store larger amount of goods and react quicker to the demand.

"Investing in the new WMS system and new storage halls is a strategic step for us. We want to become the leader in the online sale of lights in Europe," said Darek Matwikow, CEO of the company Donoci s.r.o., that operates Lamps4sale.

The implementation of the new stock system is temporarily causing a delay in the shipping of orders, which is currently 5 days. Lamps4sale apologizes to customers for this and assures them that all ordered goods will be shipped.

"We believe that the new technologies will allow us to prepare orders even faster than before," added Matwikow.

Lamps4sale has been on the market for 25 years and with 27 e-shops is one of the leading sellers of lighting in Europe. They deliver more than a million parcels a year.

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